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attention... you may have a hard time downloading these movies. partly because i am hosting it on my office computer in siberia. i am sorry about this & will be moving this site soon to a better place.

you can right click the links & select "save target as..." to save the file to your harddrive.(download time depends on your internet speed & the size of the file, it may take a few minutes to a lot of minutes)

divx clips: to view these clips you must first install the divx driver then you can view them with windows media player. download it by clicking here. instructins: download, run the exe, follow the instructions then run the 'run me first' file in the popup window or from start, programs, divx ;-) happy viewing

2.5mb [may 1, 01] big air, back country, usually the closing of the season but looks like we will have snow for at least another month so who knows (as it turns out we went back on the 15th of may & did some true spring snowboarding jumping streams, flower patches and logs it was pretty awesome)

5mb [april 10, 01] misc clips of our vacation. see sean snowboard, do his first ollie, summer snowboarding clips & sean making a statment.

quick time clips: (the below clips require quicktime 4 to view) download for free here (8.7mb)  or from

(10.6 mb) or  (2.1 mb) [nov 10, 00] clips from opening the 2000 snowboarding season

(2.7mb) or (1.2mb) [sep 2, 00] sean talking in russian 

300k [sep 2, 00] misc. clips

2mb [summer 00] a stroll in the park

1.5 mb [mar 15, 00]   sean snowboarding