From Ludmila Krasilnikova   


I met Rosita and Piper in 1996 in Novosibirsk (Russia) among the group of people - dear Ken and Lara and many others. This event has changed my life. First of all, these people helped me to learn a lot, to understand the Bible, to find faith. We spent a lot of time together talking, singing nice songs. It was a hard period of my life. My husband left us (our children were 7 and 9 years old), the criminal hit me by knife three times in the dark street and I was near to death. I was in a state of shock and confused. At the beginning when I heard about God and his love for us I was getting angry and asked a lot of questions. I remember how Ken and others were patient with me. It was the beginning of new life to me.

Then I remember Ro and Piper's marriage, they were beautiful and happy. I presented them a great cake with a couple of swans at the top of it (on the Russian tradition). Then there was a nice Christmas party in the cafe, my birthday party at the restaurant with dancing, singing and performance. It was a good time, I found many good friends.

When Ken left Novosibirsk, Piper gave us the Bible classes instead of him. I remember at the beginning he felt concern for but became more and more experienced. He was very responsible man. I could trust him and rely on him in any situation. Piper was very kind and helpful and I asked him everything concerning my computer.

Then Sean appeared in our life, our dear treasure. I remember him when he was about two months, then he made his first steps, spoke his first words, his birthdays on the beach and restaurant. I enjoyed to be with Sean. Day by day, I noticed that Ro, Piper and little Sean became an important part of my life, of my family, they were very close to my heart. I missed and waited them when they left Novosibirsk for a while, I was glad to receive their message via email, I thought of them and prayed all time.

We were very close with Ro and shared our thoughts and feelings. She was always ready to help. I respected Ro for her fairness, strong will, intellect and modesty. We talk for hours about all sorts of things (love, relationship, business). We discussed films and books. Our friendship helped me to feel strong and sure of myself. I liked to play with Sean. He was so cute, full of energy and curious. We played with his toys - cars, animals, etc., made car crushes but then repaired these little cars. We read books and drew different pictures. Especially Sean liked to play hide-and-seek in the house and outside.

I remember how we played on the beach, ran after, drew on the wet sand and built sand castles. I presented to Sean a round jumper and we jumped and had fun together. I remember how Ro and I went to see Sean in the kindergarden. He slept and was so sweet and I enjoyed watching him.

Last time I saw Ro and Piper on 25th December 2001. Piper came back to Novosibirsk and I was going to see him but caught cold and felt not well. They came to my house on their way from Cluchi where they snowboarded for a couple of hours (not far from my place). They brought me roses and some fruits on Christmas. We talk a little because Sean slept in a car.

Piper was in a light jacket, he said that he was busy with his exams in the US and forgot about our cold winter. I gave him my son's warm jacket for their trip to the mountains. I remember their bright smiles, their warm hugs. I feel them, I see them when I close my eyes.

When I heard the awful news about Ro and Piper and Sean's passing I was shocked for a long time. I was very angry, sorrowful and frustrated with innumerable questions. Why their lives on this earth ended so soon? Why God let it happen? They are very dear to our hearts and we need them here.

It was a great test for my faith, it was close to be crushed. But then Ken and Lara's word, God's word achieved to me. I realized that I have doubts in all that Ro and Piper taught me the previous years. That my faith is so weak in comparison with theirs.

For their sake I began to read God's word and pray. Now I know what to do. I should continue Ro and Piper's good deeds, enjoy the gift of life, live a motivated life - helping and serving others as Piper said.

Yesterday I went to ski. It was quiet in the forest, snow was white and sparkling, the air was cool and fresh, the sky was blue. Ro and Piper liked such weather. All time I thought about my dear friends. They influenced me very much. I have known what love is, what it means to be loved and loving. And as long as I live, I will always remember our dear Rosita and Piper and little Sean. I love you and miss you very much here.