siberian life
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ob sea

ob sea.jpg (42669 bytes)

what buildings look like after they have been on fire in the winter

nick2 copy.jpg (163431 bytes)

typical sidewalk scene fall & winter

sidewalk.jpg (36773 bytes) akademsidewalk.jpg (60380 bytes)

first snow sep 15 98

 1st snow.jpg (28559 bytes)

babushka (old lady) walking down the

babushkasml.jpg (25434 bytes)

our apartment building this is a stalin era building (they are the nicest as they have high ceilings)

our building.jpg (41456 bytes)

siberian apples

siberian apples.jpg (9838 bytes)

the mall with the supermarket out side

targovy market.jpg (35737 bytes)

communist demonstration

tof00011.jpg (23022 bytes)

tof00009.jpg (30631 bytes)

tof00016.jpg (20721 bytes)

street signs are only on the buildings & most are unreadable even for pedestrans (forget trying to find a place by car)

streetsign.jpg (13262 bytes)


star.jpg (19455 bytes)

ice drilling for ice fishing

icedrill.jpg (15483 bytes)

icefish.jpg (16924 bytes)

the poor

poor.jpg (21082 bytes)


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