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Garey | garey.simmons@gmail.com
Found a picture of Piper and Mike in front of the Hollywood sign. It's hanging on my wall.
14 March 2009 - Baltimore, MD

Garey | sim44@yahoo.com
It's your birthday and I miss you. You are always with me in my heart. I love you.
29 September 2008 - Baltimore, MD

Gracia | ciaadams@gmail.com
I lived with Piper and his brother Michael when they were here in Pakistan for a short while. I remember thinking he was such a gorgeous guy, very tender, funny and everything a starry eyed teenager dreams @!! I knew @ his passing a few years back but i just stumbled across this site. To all family and friends of Piper and Rose, my prayers are with you.
2 July 2008 - Pakistan

Virginia | virbea@gmail.com
My God.I had no idea that this was the awesome guy that I once knew so many years ago when I was 15 in Toronto! He was so much fun, always up for a good time,always smiling, always just so cool! I just wish that I had known him for longer, that I hadn't argued with him over such stupid things, that I had told him how much I admired him.that I loved him.
Piper, if u are seeing me write this know that u will always be in my thoughts and in my heart.u held a special place in mine for so long.I only wish u would have known that.!
7 April 2008 - Canada

Garey | sim44@yahoo.com
Piper, your birthday was a tough one this year. Mike was here and we watched the service in Russia and the great band that played, piano, sax and all. It's damn difficult. I am not as religious as I used to be and I feel the loss again. I know I have always believe in God long before the cult days. Now I am more aligned with nature, Source energy, yoga, being centered and being in touch with everyone. I have pictures of Sean hanging on my wall. Mike gave them to me for my birthday last year. When I have handyman chores to do I really miss you cause you knew how to do everything. We've been to the memorial gardens a couple of times recently. Grandma Lotte always makes sure there are flowers there. I carry you, Ro and Sean in my heart everyday.
28 November 2007 - Baltimore

Lillie Paquette | Lillie_Paquette@ksg.harvard.edu
Guys, I miss Ro so much.and it hurts so much just about now. I don't even know where to start. It's been so long, and I've never posted anything here, though I come on here and read stuff people have said every so often. I don't think there is much traffic through this site.I just feel like writing.I don't know. I was watching that NBC show the last night.just so I could see her with me.I'm forgetting her.I hate it.I want her back.I want them all back.I would give up anything, anything, I don't like that I'm 2 years older than my older sister.that my other nieces and nephews are growing up playing together and Sean isn't there.that Piper doesn't mess with me any more and tell me I can do anything if I put my mind to it!! my life just goes by so fast now.I'll be the old crazy aunt pretty soon.Ro will always be young, beautiful and amazing in my mind.but I don't want her to be.I want to be an old quirky lady sitting next to another older (maybe not as quirky) lady that brought me up and taught me the very best things in my life.I want to sit in rocking chairs and sip coffee on my visits to see her and her grandkids, and laugh about how obnoxious I was (am) and how she always patiently put up with me and loved me always no matter what.I just want her back.
3 November 2007 - Boston

I think about you A LOT. You're in heart forever.
3 April 2007 - Austin

katrina | katrina_lev@hotmail.com
Dear family of Piper, Rosita, and the wee one, i have only now learned of this web site. Although I have known of the passing since it was rumored. It was one of the most traumatic things i had ever heard and affected me greatly. When i was in Russia, i lived with Piper for almost a year. He was like the older brother i always wanted, and he, my dad and i became very close and he always said that my dad was his adopted 2nd dad, and that i was his adopted sister, and that's how we felt towards him. we did a lot of pioneering together, which was awesome, and i remember he was always talking about how in love he was with Rosita, and then when he finally was to be married, he asked me to write him and Ro a wedding song. I wrote the song, "Eternal Rose" for them (which eventually was mutilated and used on an FTT.) I wrote the words originally on behalf of the fact that her name is Rosita. I hope that someone still has the words of the original copy. if not, i do, let me know and i'll send it to you again. i never met the wee one, but i would have loved to. I met rosita a few times in russia and was friends with Lillie her sister who was closer to my age. i love you Piper, Rosita, and baby, and will always consider you my family!
love forever,
4 March 2007 - usa

Jenniffer | francesca_moreno@yahoo.com
I know it sounds crazy but i just found out about Piper, Rose and sean, i left the family in 98 and since then i lost contact with everyone, what can i say.. only that it's a great lost to humanity and i will remember their courage and good spirit, it's very sad and honestly I am in shock...
27 September 2006

tio dempsey | tdemp55@hotmail.com
I lived the last year of my life in the family with ro and piper in novosibersk. and I have some great memories of our time together. Just thinking about them always brings a smile to my face. farewell my friends, only echo and void..farewell.
1 May 2004 - tokyo

David Paone | wabberdoo@hotmail.com
I knew Piper when I was around 12 years old in Dallas. He was great guy, very cool, I definately looked up to him. It's a shame there are so few people like he was.
11 February 2004 - Austin Tx

I am truly honored to have known and loved Piper, Ro and Seany. They left a legacy of love and hope that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Garey for putting this site up, it is a beautiful tribute to them.
18 March 2002 - Austin, Texas

Monique | moniqueschaaf@yahoo.com
I still have a blanket that Ro knitted for me when I was pregnant with my daughter in New Jersey. Ro and family had just come up from South America. Ro and Piper had not begun to date yet as far as I know. Ro was always such a good friend to me, cooking and helping me. I remember her laugh and smile most of all. I am sad I never knew them as a couple or had a chance to meet their child. The surviving family is in my thoughts. Take Care,
30 December 2003 - California USA

Vicky | vickyd27@yahoo.com
Saw Ro's beautiful face on a TV show last night.There was always such joy and life in those eyes. I know that I will never meet someone like her ever again.I'm not religious but Im glad that her and Piper are together somewhere. They will always be a reminder to me of how precious life can be.
29 December 2003 - NJ, USA

Kate | catia_yubero@hotmail.com
Remembering you in this day. Still cannot believe your are not here with us, sometimes I still feel like I could take a plane and find you in that same apartment in Russia. Will never forget you guys!
29 December 2003 - Venezuela

Dominic | montrose77@mailandnews.com | www.reunitingfriends.com
Looking back at close to a decade that I knew Piper, while living in India and Pakistan, he stands out as one of my closest friends during that time. Every one of us who knew him suffered a great loss 2 years back, but I am confident that his memory will always live on in our hearts and minds!
29 December 2003 - London, UK

Garey | garey@optimalhealthrsq.com | www.OptimalHealthRSQ.com
My son, my mentor, my friend, my light and my life. I am so proud of you.
13 March 2002 - Maryland

Philip Sherwood | pjsherwood@telus.net
It is difficult to travel back, via this page, and see three wonderful people who are no longer with us. But thank you for putting this site up, so we can remember them as they were. May their influence live on in many lives.
9 September 2003 - Canada

I just found this website and I was very moved. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you and your family are doing well since the tragedy. God bless.
3 June 2003 - New Jersey

Vicki | madenea@yahoo.com
I just found this site by accident. I knew Piper & Ro very well. I had no idea they were married or that they had passed. My love go with them, I know they are in a better place.
23 May 2003 - USA

Yet I've only spoken to Garey, his love for his son, Piper and his family, is evident and with him always, Thanks Garey for sharing your love with me. God Bless your entire family.
8 March 2003

Estelle | egibbins@optusnet.com.au
I never had the pleasure of meeting Piper, Rose or Sean, however their story has inspired me. I thank you all for sharing your experiences. It is through this openness that we can make this world a better place.
20 February 2003 - Perth, Western Australia

Ludmila Krasilnikova | milakrasil@mail.ru
I met Rosita and Piper in 1996 in Novosibirsk (Russia) among the group of people - dear Ken and Lara and many others. This event has changed my life. These people helped me to learn a lot, to understand the Bible, to find faith. We spent a lot of time together talking, singing nice songs. Ro, Piper and little Sean became an important part of my life, of my family. We were very close with Ro and shared our thoughts and feelings. She was always ready to help. I respected Ro for her fairness, strong will, intellect and modesty. Our friendship helped me to feel strong and sure of myself. I liked to play with Sean. He was so cute, full of energy and curious. Last time I saw Ro and Piper on 25th December 2001. They came to my house on their way from Cluchi where they snowboarded for a couple of hours (not far from my place). They brought me roses and some fruits on Christmas. We talk a little because Sean slept in a car. I remember their bright smiles, their warm hugs. When I heard the awful news about Ro and Piper and Sean's passing I was shocked for a long time. I was very angry, sorrowfull and frustrated with innumerable questions. Why their lives on this earth ended so soon? Why God let it happen? It was a great test for my faith, it was close to be crushed. But then I reasized that I have doubts in all that Ro and Piper taught me the previous years. That my faith is so weak in comparison with their one. For their sake I began to read God's word and pray. Now I know what to do. I should continue Ro and Piper's good deeds, enjoy the gift of life, live a motivated life - helping and serving others as Piper said. They influenced me very much. I have known what love is, what it means to be loved and loving. And as long as I live, I will always remember our dear Rosita and Piper and little Sean. I love you and miss you very much here.
13 January 2003 - Novosibirsk, Russia

Garey | garey@pipersimmons.net
Happy Birthday Piper! We are celebrating your birthday today in many places around the world. Dan, Christina and I will put fresh flowers on the grave and watch your tribute video. I know you are enjoying the next world with no more tears, sorrow or pain. I pray we will remember your passion, love and gifts you gave to so many--yourself. I love you and miss you so much... Love, Dad
29 September 2002 - Maryland

Unfortunatly, I only knew Piper for a short amount of time. However, I saw a unqiue and special individual who's personality is one of a kind! Before I was aware of his passing, I was looking forward to our usual talks about his many adventures and stories of his little boy. I truely miss having him apart of the Psychology Club at AACC. My prayers go out to their families and friends.
1 April 2002 - Glen Burnie, Maryland

Gennes | gennes_seaton@yahoo.com
This recognition is true and deserved by both Piper and Rose.Their physical,mental and spiritual beauty was inspiring to all they came in contact with.Ken & Laura Paquette,Gary Simmons-You are in my thoughts and prayers.
22 March 2002 - Boston

Jerina Wainwright | JVWainwright@mail.aacc.cc.md.us
This is a wonderful way to share the memory of your son and his beautiful family. I never met Piper's wife and son, only heard about them through Piper. And, I was just getting to know Piper, he was in our Psychology Club at Anne Arundel Community College. I was so looking forward to getting to know him better, because after just a few months we all knew he was very special.
So, I really missed not being able to have that experince first hand. However, this website is helpful for that loss, but also makes me feel some of the great saddness of those who did know him well. Blessing to his parents and thank you for sharing such a precious life with all of us.
20 March 2002 - Arnold, Maryland

Sharon Champ | schamp@gladstone.uoregon.edu
I was so shaken by Rosita's death. I lived with her in Peru and Ecuador and she was a friend. I spent hours with her at night, when we weren't supposed to be up or talking, and we would laugh and talk like 15 and 17-year-old girls should. I miss her. I don't know if I believe in the next world so I want to say goodbye, Rosita!
18 March 2002 - Eugene, Oregon

I am truly honored to have known and loved Piper, Ro and Seany. They left a legacy of love and hope that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you Garey for putting this site up, it is a beautiful tribute to them.
18 March 2002 - Austin, Texas

Theresa Champ | champtheresa@attbi.com
This is a great website. I didn't know Piper or Sean but I lived with Rosita for several years in Peru and Ecuador and she was a great friend. I have some great memories. It's so sad to hear what happened and my heart goes out to their family and friends.
17 March 2002 - Oregon, USA

Ricarda | rjones1@co.pg.md.us
Thank you for sharing this website with me. While I never met Piper and his young family, I have come to admire his father and learn from him. Thank you and God bless you all.
15 March 2002 - Maryland

Diamond | barberton@usa.net
It has been many years since I have seen Piper and Rosita, since before they ever together. I don't think they had even met yet. We were three single young people then, trying to figure out our place in the whole scheme of things. They both left an imprint on my life, and I have thought of them many times since, their unique personalities, humor, empathy and warmeth, traits of true friendship. I can think of many others who join me in saying that they are truly unforgetable.
14 March 2002 - Florida, USA

Melody | meldamour@yahoo.ca
Garey, thank you for working on this site and building more special memories for all of us who so love and cherish Piper, Ro and Seany. As long as I live, I will always remember them and their beautiful lives.
13 March 2002 - London

Garey | garey@optimalhealthrsq.com | www.OptimalHealthRSQ.com
My son, my mentor, my friend, my light and my life. I am so proud of you.
13 March 2002 - Maryland

Ian | ianalbitz@hotmail.com | www.gringosmojados.com
Piper and Rose, you were both beautiful people. You leave behind greater accomplishments for humanity than most will achieve in many lifetimes.
I miss you both.
13 March 2002 - D.R.

Joni | jonibogle@hotmail.com
A beautiful site in remembrance of beautiful people.
Garey, Mike and all, keep hanging in there. I love you.
12 March 2002 - USA - New Jersey

Serge Nekipelyy and Luba Nekipelaya | sergeynekipely@mail.ru
We are not good at putting thoughts on a paper but we will try anyway. Piper Rose and Sean have alway been and they will remain examples of how people should live and share their souls with other people, making others happy. Piper was the first person who introduced me into the American culture. Although it's said that Russians and Americans have diffenent cultures I would say that the difference is only in minor things. Major things both treat in the same way. They will always stay with us in our souls and we will never forget their sweet hearts...
10 March 2002 - Novosibirsk , Russia

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